Dr. Michael Klein is best known as the principal investigator for the only North American randomized controlled trial of episiotomy, which showed that episiotomy caused the very problems it was supposed to prevent.

Dr. Klein continues to work out of the University of British Columbia and the Child and Family Research Institute in Vancouver, BC with a team of national colleagues, focusing on best practices in maternity care to achieve optimal outcome for mothers and newborns, most recently focusing on the knowledge and attitudes of both women approaching their first birth and of maternity care providers. This research has been funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).

Asheya Hennessey is the Project Director for Dr. Klein’s CIHR Knowledge Translation Grant projects, which include a social bookmarking website and childbirth simulation stories. Asheya is the Founder and former Executive Director of Mothers of Change for Maternity Care, a Canadian non-profit creating a space for women’s voices about maternity care and providing evidence-based information for women about various approaches and interventions to childbirth.

Research and Development Team

Holly Witteman, PhD
Assistant Professor, Département de Médecine Familiale et Médecine d’Urgence, Faculté de Médecine, Université Laval, Quebec City.

Stephanie Gabriel, BA (Hons) Psychology
Research Assistant

Janusz Kaczorowski, PhD
Professor and Director of Research, Department of Family and Emergency Medicine, University of Montreal.

William Fraser, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Montreal.

Patricia McNiven, Registered Midwife, MSc, PhD
Associate Professor, Midwifery Education Program, McMaster University

Perry Butler
Freelance Software Consultant/Engineer, Information Technology Professional


Michael C. Klein, MD, CCFP, FAAP (Neonatal/Perinatal), FCPS, ABFP
Professor Emeritus, Departments of Family Practice and Pediatrics
University of British Columbia
Senior Scientist Emeritus BC Child and Family Research Institute,
Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia
Clinical Services Building
V3-327 948 W. 28th Street, Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 875-2000 x 5078
E-mail: mklein@interchange.ubc.ca